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The full menu (pdf) can be downloaded,
click here


Delivery Service - you can order on Deliveroo and we are soon hoping to join Uber Eats!

Click to access Deliveroo

We also offer outside catering and buffets - please enquire for more details

The catering menu can be downloaded, Click here





01706 550630

Breakfast Options

For breakfast we serve our own version of the English Breakfast all day, everyday!  This consists of 2 Toasts, 2 Hash Browns, Beans, 2 Fried Eggs, Fried Mushrooms and piece of Lamb meat (nb. we do not serve bacon, turkey rashes or sausages)

Desi Nashta (Asian Breakfast )

We serve the very best in Asian breakfasts, the Desi Nastha consists of a portion of Halwa (semolina based), portion of Chana (Chickpea based curry) with 2 Puri (fried puri bread)


We make fresh parathas to order using Chakki Gold wheat flour that makes our lightest, softest and fluffiest parathas.  Available as plain or spicy (stuffed with bombay potatoes).  Enjoy them with a side of Halwa, Chana, Dhaal or Saag Aloo.


Try our omellettes served with Toast and available plain or spicy.   


Daily Specials


Everyday we cook specials to give you choice, variety and delicious home made food.  


Check the board when you come in or you can find out through social media or by calling us!!

Choose from…                                     

Cheese & Onion Pie, Meat Lasagne, Fajitas, Meat & Potato Pie, Shepherds Pie, Quiche, Peri Peri chicken, Gourmet burgers, Curries & more!


Try our in store baked cakes!

We have a selection of cakes and pastries - please enquire when you order as to what is available.

We usually have options from the following;

Carrot Cake, Victoria Sponge Cake, Chocolate Fudge Cake, Oreo Cheesecake, Ferrero Rocher Cheesecake, Vanilla Creme Crown , Pecan Plait, Cinnamon Roll, and a range of Muffins, Doughnuts

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