CommuniTea is working on a number of projects and initiatives that benefit the local community, enhances peoples health & wellbeing as well as supplement local service provision/fill the gap of the ever growing shrinkage of services delivered by the local authority & health providers!


Basic Inspirations Employment Support Programme


CommuniTea have a Job Club drop in that operates every Thursday 11am to 1pm.  Just turn up and get all the help and support you need for free! Tony can support with prepping CV's, job applications, interview techniques etc.


In addition an support programme has been developed by Tony Haworth and will be delivered over 10 weeks starting in October 2019.  For more details ring Tony on 01706 550630 or email him 



Counselling & Bereavement Support


Through a pool of volunteers we're able to offer Counselling, Befriending and Bereavement support to members of the community who live in the Borough of Rochdale.

If you would like to refer yourself or a family member, please get in touch.  We also accept referral from all agencies including your GP.

Call 01706 550630 for more details.


CommuniTea Health Awareness Campaigns


We have successfully delivered a campaign to raise awareness of cancer screening and support services available in Rochdale.  A number of awareness sessions have been held.  We have trained Cancer champions - so if you've gone through it share your experiece with others, alternatively if you have a family member / friend or relative who needs support or if you want to help others please please get in touch.


We are currently working on a campaign to raise awareness of Dementia in the community, if you want to learn more get in touch.  Details of the awareness sessions will be announced via our social media platform.


Welfare Advice


CommuniTea provideb free welfare advice, information & signposting.  The service ranges from filling in forms, contacting service providers on behalf of clients to referring clients onto other health, wellbeing and social care providers.


Family Support Workers


CommuniTea have staff & volunteers that support the development and understanding of the needs of complex and challenging families in order to develop relationships built upon trust, and confidence, to provide a brokerage service. This service will break down barriers between the community and the public sector, improve current engagement, and take up of services within the Third Sector together by reducing social isolation, improve active citizenship and the improvement of health and wellbeing, education, employment and social integration. 


We currently have a small number of volunteers, but we are on the lookout to find monies to establish full-time staff and are also keen to hear from anyone interested about supporting others, and would like to volunteer - please get in touch.




Heritage Project - Exploring a shared heritage through Tea


CommuniTea did work on a heritage project - but as the bid submitted to the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF) wasn't succesful, we have left it on the back burner to come back to, so watch this space!


The aim of this project was to undertake research on the most suitable platform to engage and bring together communities. It will explore the possibility of creating a community space for all. This concept has strong links and a familiarity with the 'home' country where people have ties with, through conversations, develop relationships and undertake business. By using the 'Tea' as a theme to engage people to come and talk to us, we can involve them in the development of the CommuniTea Hub, it's activities and services.


If you want to share your heritage through Tea, or can help in this project in anyway shape or form - please get in touch.


Creating a Community Hub


CommuniTea are slowly creating a hub for the service users; so a one stop venue for all their needs, socialising, learning, welfare and even a place to eat & chill out!

We have already hosted a number of community groups, organisations and businesses - who have offered many different services, training to business opportunities, product launch and information events.


In 2015 we will see the local Policing team use it as a venue for PACT meetings.  The Fire Service already have held awareness raising events and plan for more in the next few months.


Past Projects

Feasability Study (completed)


A Family Support Project (FSP) feasibility study was undertaken by Communi Tea CIC to engage with the community and identify a range of support services currently available to individuals and families across the Rochdale Borough.  The study was carried out over the period of January 2013 to July 2013 and was managed by a small evaluation group led by parents and community based organisations. 12 focus groups (144 People) were engaged across the Townships that contain the most deprived areas of Rochdale borough. These were Middleton and Heywood Townships.