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Our Mobile App ~ it's here & ready for you to download free from App Store or Google Play


Download it and claim a free cup of tea or coffee in store!  That's right, we are offering you a free cuppa for downloading our app!!!


It's a great way to keep in touch with us and stay upto date with CommuniTea.  Plus you will get instant notification of products, services and offers


Let's Talk


The CommuniTea CIC was a member of the Let's Talk Partnership - a wrap around service to that helps improve physcological and emotional wellbeing in the community.  Let's Talk offers Counselling, Befriending and Bereavment Support.  We now offer in house support through our volunteers and also refer to partner agencies like Rochdale Mind / Rochdale Solutions.

The Let's Talk initiative is a partnership of seven organisations in the Rochdale Heywood and Middleton area, supported by NHS Heywood, Middleton and Rochdale Clinical Commissioning Group's social investment fund.

The group's seven partners have committed to improving access to counsellors and other trained staff to residents of Rochdale, Heywood and Middleton.

By Dobir Miah,11/08/14

Communi Tea Room


is now open!!!

The CommuniTea Room is finally open for business!!!

By Dobir Miah,08/05/14

Communi Tea Room


We have a number of exciting developments for 2014!!!

Firstly, we are in the process of fitting out our "Communi Tea Room" which we hope to open in March.  So watch this space :)


From April we hope to launch a new Counselling service with a number of local partner agencies - we are working with the CCG and as soon as details are finalised we will inform you all.


By Dobir Miah, 11/01/14

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