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So What can we do for you?

CommuniTea CIC offers services to individuals & their communities, as well as services targetted at social enterprises and the third sector.

For individuals: CommuniTea help and support people who may be in need of advice & information about local services, and offer sign posting to various providers & partners.

CommuniTea works with a wide range of voluntary & public sector organisations to bring services in the heart of the community.





For communities: 

CommuniTea offer various services for communities from workshops and events to social gatherings.

From Arts & Craft sessions to cultural awareness programmes.


We currently have a number of sessions running for women only, carers, a job club, a mother & toddler group as well as services via outside agencies including Living Well (health checks, smoking cessation, diet, healthy eating), homework club, mother tongue classes run by RBPP & Tech drop-ins by o2 Guru.

For Businesses, Social enterprises, charities, voluntary & 3rd sector organisations:

CommuniTea support businesses with building capacity, infrastructure support, business planning, bespoke training, stakeholder engagement & collaborates on social action projects!


Call us today and discuss your needs; we offer a no quibble free initial consultation and our rates a very competitive!!!

Ring us on 01706 550 630

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  • Community Health & wellbeing consultations / Healthy Living initiatives
    Health & wellbeing is highly up our agenda; we host events with local GP's and healthcare workers about matters that need addressing - recently we arranged for people to meet local GP's and talk about access to healthcare provision at surgeries.  We also have an establlished walking group.

  • Awareness seminars / Educational projects
    We have arranged awareness seminars on health & wellbeing, substance misuse, employment & training.


  • Mentoring / Coaching / Youth projects
    We provide mentoring & coaching for young people - and we work with youth service providers to deliver projects that benefit young people.


  • Community Engagement
    We believe through engagment and particpiation more can be done to support our communities; recently we have supported the fire service in promoting the work they do & the importance of fire safety.


  • Job Club by B.A.S.I.C Inspirations
    Tony Haworth runs a job club and employment support sessions for anyone eseeking employment, training or further studies.  The session currently run on a Friday and includes coaching, intervie prep, opportunities as well as needs alaysis.


  • Cultural Awareness / Diversity / Cohesion
    We offer cultural awareness, diversity & cohesion training; we live in multicultural Britain but we often find that organisations may not be fully aware of the needs of the various communities.  We tailor make training & workshop packages.


  • Capacity Building / Stakeholder Engagement
    We offer support for organisations with capacity building.  It maybe that your organisation has leaders who need training and support.  Let us work with you and your organisation, together we can improve productivity and profits!

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